Sunday, August 28, 2016

Socialiszation HIV/AIDS Responses in workplace


long time no see.
I just want to share my current office activity. We have got budget from local government to give socialiszation about HIV/AIDS in workplace. The agenda from this program is we come to some companies that have been selected before then give a socialiszation about HIV/AIDS. In that agenda, we also monitoring those companies related to the companies awareness about HIV/AIDS and how they are prohibit to give a discrimination to a person who has infected HIV/AIDS.

Below are some pictures :

Socialiszation in JOB Pertamina Tuban
With Doctor and HSE JOB Pertamina Tuban

Socialiszation in PT. Holcim Tbk.
Socialiszation in PT. TPPI

The result from this program are we have to find some companies that committed to HIV/AIDS awareness. That will be prove by seeing the program from their HSE's staff. The recap from the program should report regularly to the Departement of the Manpower, Transmigration, and Population of East Java Province.

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