Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Boyfriend's hand made

Sat, Nov 27th 2010  10:10 pm

One day, my BF made papercrafts to spend his spare time. Here some the papercrafts :)


ad. 2


Friday, November 26, 2010

For my special one ♥♥

How do I get through one night without you, If i had to live without you, What kinda life would that be...
About 10months ago, we saw each other with no tought that we'd be together like right now. I couldn't describe what I felt.. happy, sometimes nervous, sometimes give a code just by eye contact *really want you to say 'Hi' like what you' did with  everyone, even it's like a hard thing to give you my sweet smile, my heart was beating faster when my eye cathed you..

Suddenly by the time goes by, we're sended text, you woke me up in the morning, and then someday you asked me to watch a movie ♥ Love it :* 

Feb, 25th 2010 00:00 am
(Crazy Thing)
in the middle street (Ring Road Utara), for the first time you say I LOVE YOU. I did nothing, just standing in front of you, stupid face, said nothing.. Hufth.. Did you know how happy I am? You've just said 3 words that I've been wanna hear for 1 months since we're so closed.
Honestly I confused, were you the person I always wait? But you're always there when I need someone to talk, you always there when I'm not on my mood, and your patient..

Love is a unique thing. It can makes us fell happy, smile altought with no one, just see his text in our cell phone makes us smile and than laughing. But, we don't know suddenly our heart can change , feel sad, angry, or crying at the same times. And then we realise, that it just caused : WE MISS HIM

My first post

Fri, Nov 26th 2010 09:05 pm

this is my first blog and automatically it's my first post too. Now I'm in my family room, watching tv and doing something with my notebook. 

Back to several hours ago, I was studying for my CPNS test. It's hard to believe now I'm not just a girl, but becoming a woman. Yeah, I'm 22years old now. I have graduated my bachelor on Augt in this years. It means 3 months doing nothing. Like I'm the pessimist one. Huufth...
Actually, I want to continue my study, I want get a master title, but there's a lot of consideration, so that I think maybe better for me to not take it for some years later.

Oke however, I'm a happy person, but sometimes getting crazy for something. I dont know, but I think I have 'nervousphobia' LOL =P
When I feel uncomfortable with the situations, everybody can know it. Yeaaah, just with the simple look, you can know how is my heart feeling.
But, whatever my feeling right now... happy, confuse, sad, or angry, I just wanna say 'WELCOME TO MY BLOG N JUST ENJOY IT' =)