Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lets Go to LPDP Edu Fair 2016

On february 4th 2016, i went to the edu fair which is held by LPDP, a legal institution from indonesian governance that manage educational funding. This event has been held in Jakarta on Feb 2nd 2016.

No.. i'm not a scholarship hunter actually. I'm not ready yet become one of them, hehee. I just dreaming about it. Get scholarship for my master degree in holland, or at least a training or course for developing my experience. The reason why i came there because i want to feel the athmosphere. Eventhought im not (yet) a scholarship hunter, but when i came there i felt so excited. I asked many things from the campus representative, like groningen univ, australia award and nuffic nesso. I was interested much with short course programe which gave by nuffic nesso  and australia award for their master programme. I have heard lil bit about nuffic nesso. And i wish next year i can be one of their awardee.

As schedule, this event should be opened at 9 am. So my husb and i decided to leave out from our house at 8.30 am. Yaah setelat2nya palingan gak sampe setengah 10.

Buutttt guess what?!?! Sampe disana antrian masuk ke tempat acara udah kaya antri sembako. padahal i was not that late. I was arrived at 9.15 am!! Oke sabar.. dari sini udah agak lemes karena peminat beasiswa banyak its means saingan juga banyak. yaeyaaalah siapa yang nggak mau sekolahnya dibayarin, keluar negeri pulak.. X_x

Habis parkir langsung buru2 antri

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Random thing - Work


Here we go.. As my promise to write regularly on my blog.
Now lets talk about work.
I have been working for four years. 9 months i spent as an employee in a private company. It was a tough time. I feel that this job doesn't match with me, especially my academic background.
I worked as an international Sales & Marketing for Africa Area.  I was graduated as law degree, then i worked as a sales & marketing, can you imagine how far is that?
I will not describe the job description, its not about my job but i fell i'm not capable.

But i'm so grateful because i've learned many things from there.
I used to speak english since my customer cames from Africa, Singapore, and company branch from China. Yeaaah, its kind of "learning by doing". And its free.. xoxo.. u haven't hire native speaker rite?!?! :p But pardon me that my english now is not that good. It's been 3 years ago..
The second is, beside we have to communicate with customers, we have to be good in excel.
Yup..  count order, give discount,  make a plan for shipment.. all did by excel program.

I started work from Feb 2012 and in augt 2012 i tried servant test of east java province. It was my second test since 2010 and i have failed huhuuu..
Alhamdulillaaah after prepared some months to face the Day (read - test), on Sept 2012 my name mentioned in web as one of the thousand participant. Yes I passed the test. I remembered that day, i tried check on web but the server was down. Then my friend called me in the morning to give that good news. It was gonna be one of my best memories i ever had.
After struggle for about 2 years looking forward for job, and now i got one. Who doesn't want to be a civil servant??

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hello 2016, pliiis be nice!

First, let me say "Happy New Year" to all of you who give your spare time just to see my blog, syukur2 kale dibaca juga hihiiii.
Since i'm too lazy to write on my blog, i do understand that lately my blog feel so boring.
It doesn't means I don't like writing. I used to like it. For me writing is a kind of activity which can release my stress. I used to write a mini novel. But it's been years since my last writing :(

When i was in senior high school, i really love reading. my favourite of course manga, teenlit and Japan novel. By reading, inspiration can come easily. But now, its kind of impossible. My work in a local governance, open an online shop, and mother of a 2 years child.. Ooh I don't have a place to breathe.
At the same time, I also have many dreams to reach. But honestly, I feel grateful with my achievement. But i don't wanna stop right now. I wanna have a dream, and it have to be achieved.

Oke lets to the point..
Is it too late for me to make some resolutions for this 2016?
Mm.. don't think so, today is still January, rite? hehee
Its better late than do nothing. Yeaaah resolution for me like my wish.
If we have a dream, at least we have a picture from what we really want.
I wish it could be reached in this year. Aamiin.. ^^
  1. Shalat ontime dan berjamaah. Its sound easy, rite? but dunno why, sukaaa banget yang namanya ngulur2 waktu shalat. Kadang suka dimepet-mepetin sampe waktu shalatnya mau habis. Aaah pokoknya tahun 2016 ini harus kuatin tekad buat langsung shalat begitu masuk waktu shalat dan kalo bisa diusahakan jamaah.. Aamiin..
  2. I just did shalat sunnah only when i want. Tahun ini harus bisa memperbanyak shalat sunnah terutama tahajud dan dhuha.
  3. its been a year since my online shop opened. Alhamdulillaaah, its like my side job beside my main job as a civil servant. My 2016 resolution, I can open my own offlineshop and be a entrepreneur. Aamiin.. Nggak ada salahnya bermimpi kan?? hihiii.. :)
  4. Get a scholarship to take a training or short course. Oooh i want it so much. Lagi rajin2 cari info beasiswa buat PNS, but i feel so little like a tiny ant since my english not good enough. Tapi semangat lha yaaa.. Nggak ada yang nggak mungkin.. Ganbatte!! ^^
  5. Daftar haji. Kalo ini hukumnya wajib sebagai muslim yaa.. Bukan sekedar umroh karena haji termasuk rukun islam. Semoga dicukupkan rejekinya so that my husband and i can go to hajj  sooner. Aamiin..
  6. BUY A CAR. okay, i have to save much more money for that since i don't want buy it by credit. I have read some articles about riba, most of credit include KPR (if we buy a house) it can called riba. Since I'm a moslem i wanna avoid it. But if we calculate it, if we buy car or house by credit, it will spend more money than if we buy it by cash. 
Yup, those all my biggest resolution for this year. Bismillaaah.. ^^

It seems like i will post on my blog regularly. 
Writing on blog also can raise my writing ability, xoxo 

So, whats your 2016's resolution?

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Review LA Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss Timeless


Mau cerita niii, akhir-akhir ini saya ngefans sama lippen matte. 
Kayanya udah bosen sama yang glossy karena dari awal berlippen ria doyannya sama yang glossy2 kaya habis makan gorengan. Selain itu, lagi pengen juga warna-warna bold. Padahal dulu liat lippen warna gelap kesannya kaya tuwir banget yaaa.. hahaaa life's change and so does my lip :p

Lippen yang mau says review ini keluaran LA Girl, namanya Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss. Yuup, lippen ini menurut saya pesaing NYX karena selain harganya lebih murce, warnanya pigmented banget. Beda sama NYX yang butuh beberapa kali oles supaya dapet warna kaya di botol.

Jangan tertipu namanya yang ada kata 'Gloss' yaa. Ini lippen matte banget dan cepet kering. Hebatnya lagi, lippen ini kalo nggak dipake makan insyaallah bisa awet dari pagi sampe malam. Ngilanginnya agak susah, musti pake remover biar bisa bersih.


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