Thursday, December 29, 2011

Flower in my hareem

choco flower :D

flowery hareem by dressUP
purple cotton shawl by dressUP
fladeo heels

still available on dressUP
dont forget to check these out

salam ladies :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pacet on Sunday

Hollaaaa Sunday \(^o^)/
Lets do some fun on Sunday...!
Me & my Boy went to somewhere last Sunday
Actually he wanted to buy "sate kambing", but before that we decided to go to Pacet
Yeah, my house is near from Welirang Mountan and there are some recreation places
Sooo.. we went to this place *jreeeng
Ubalan, xoxo
Ubalan is a place for family recreation, there is playing ground, swimming pool, and a pool with 'perahu bebek', hohoo.. Althougt this place near from my house but last time I went there when I was little, elementary schhool maybe, hehee
berasa di puncaaak xoxo
the 'ducks'
naek perahu bebek, ayooo digenjoot (^o^)/
naek ayuuunan :)
miriiip? Yees..! (sama2 gendud) >,<
w/ snoopy, not me of course, xoxo
The things that I dont like are :
1. The parking fee is so expensive, we have to paid 5rb, Zzz
2. They played dangdut all day long which is most of the visitor are children, althougt some couples or friends went there to
3. this place is too smaaaaaaaaalL (cuma butuh waktu gag lebih dr setengah jam maybe buat ngelilingin ni tempat) fiuuuuuuuuhhh..
I love the view, i love the fresh air, so refreshing..

What I wore that day..?
Dark grey shawl by dressUP
Batwing bolero by dressUP

Friday, December 16, 2011

"Sweet" things

Assalamualaikum all :)
It's been long time since my last post.
I'm still online, but too lazy posting something on my blog, hehee
But I did blogwalking, I'm interested in make up lately, so I'm too busy with gugling, reading beauty blog, and went to forums to get the best recommendation :)

I have a lot of "sweet" things today :*

baby rhino
baby lion, this is my fave :*
baby elephant
baby monkey
baby bird

Why I called them baby? because they have baby face, LOL
and their size are small too, not more than 10cm maybe
my boyfie brought those cute 'animals' from his office and gave it to me
yeaaaaay... I'm sooo happy ^^

aaaand last..
he also brought me some chocolates from dubai..
mmm.. I've never eat it before

And you know what? I think that I didn't like the taste
Its too sweet for me, maybe for other who like sweet, they'll like it :D
But I like those chocolate than malaysian chocolate
one day, my boyfie gave some for me, I forgot the brands
its mooooore sweet than chocolate above *o*

Actually, my fav still local brand chocolate : Monggo

If you visit Jogja, dont forget to buy it :D
You can find in Mirota Kampus, Mirota Batik, CircleK or you can directly visit and buy at Moggo's factory in Kota Gede
But, now Monggo has been sold throughout Indonesia, visit the site to know more

ciao :D

Monday, December 5, 2011

Sun-flower Pudiiing :D

Lagi seneng banget bikin yang namanya P.U.D.I.N.G
Gara-garanya pacarku -yang emang dasarnya doyan banget makan- suka banget sama puding
  Akhirnya sekarang, tiap weekend ada tugas tambahan niie, bikinin puding yang enak buat pacar tercintaaa

pas lagi jalan-jalan ke swalayan, aku beli cetakan puding yang unyuu, hehee
nah, minggu kemarin karena kebetulan pacar sama kakakkku weekend-an di rumah, aku bikinin puding buat mereka, yippppyyyyy....! :D

nampak dekat :P
nampak samping :P
nampak atas :D
hasilnya kurang begitu bagus yaa, hiks :'(
puding yang bagian atas, susunya pecah, kayanya gara2 masaknya sampe mendidih
terus rasanya kurang manis juga kalo menurut pacar

sedangkan puding cokelat yang untuk bagian bawah, hasilnya sempurna, heheee
susunya gag pecah, rasa manisnya pas, pokoknya enak lah :)

Pokoknya apapun jadinya, gag bole pantang menyerah buat belajar terus
biar bisa bikinin puding yang cantik juga ennnnaaaaak..
belum berani bikin yang warnanya macem2, soalnya mesti bikin banyak dan bingung siapa yang bakal ngabisin nanti... 

okay, sekian n see ya to my another experiment n_n