Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pacet on Sunday

Hollaaaa Sunday \(^o^)/
Lets do some fun on Sunday...!
Me & my Boy went to somewhere last Sunday
Actually he wanted to buy "sate kambing", but before that we decided to go to Pacet
Yeah, my house is near from Welirang Mountan and there are some recreation places
Sooo.. we went to this place *jreeeng
Ubalan, xoxo
Ubalan is a place for family recreation, there is playing ground, swimming pool, and a pool with 'perahu bebek', hohoo.. Althougt this place near from my house but last time I went there when I was little, elementary schhool maybe, hehee
berasa di puncaaak xoxo
the 'ducks'
naek perahu bebek, ayooo digenjoot (^o^)/
naek ayuuunan :)
miriiip? Yees..! (sama2 gendud) >,<
w/ snoopy, not me of course, xoxo
The things that I dont like are :
1. The parking fee is so expensive, we have to paid 5rb, Zzz
2. They played dangdut all day long which is most of the visitor are children, althougt some couples or friends went there to
3. this place is too smaaaaaaaaalL (cuma butuh waktu gag lebih dr setengah jam maybe buat ngelilingin ni tempat) fiuuuuuuuuhhh..
I love the view, i love the fresh air, so refreshing..

What I wore that day..?
Dark grey shawl by dressUP
Batwing bolero by dressUP

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