Saturday, January 7, 2012

2in1 Palazzo

I'm sure that all of you know this style
 Someone who have tall body maybe love to wear it
it can make our legs look longer


But how if someone with small body want to wear it too?
are they can look taller and stylish too?
most of them think that they cant wear it, they'll look smaller
Palazzo just for tall person
me... totally disagree :D

I wear Palazzo Jumpsuit, but we can use as pants too :)

duo Palazzo Jumpsuit & Pants by dressUP
dusty pink shawl by dressUP
Go to this link if you wanna buy :)

dont forget to use your heels, its really help..
Soooo.. what do you think?
Jus be confident with your outfit, for me fashion just about confident and comfortable

Make your own Palazzo style..!