Thursday, May 12, 2016

Random thing


It's 03.30 pm in here. Having a hectic day in office with a report after did an inspection to a construction company in Gresik. I'm sleepy by the way, but can't sleep yet. Thinking about many things. Do you know that lately  i lose some of my focuses? Maybe that's why my work hasn't done yet. And it's come every day haunting me to be finished. Hufft..

Work as a servant make me accept bad presumption from the environment. In my country, it's not a secret that some servant start their job from illegal way. They use their power, money, or colleague so that they can become a servant. That kind of practices have been happened since long years ago. Fortunately, nowadays where we are face the global area, Indonesia forced to be a better country, especially by the government it self. 

Indonesian people can pick their choice to become a president. It's good when i look from the time to time how we choose our president. For example, I remembered when i was in elementary school. All civil servant must picked, mm let me call him Mr. x to become a president. If they're not chosen him, then they might willing to lost their job as a servant. That's a colonial, bad, and humiliate time. But that's our history and Indonesian people should learn from their history.

Now, it's been 18 years since that dictator time. But, our live looks alike inside the shadow of Indonesian's dark time. The citizens still have no trust to government, corruption issue from the public official, and unprofessional servant.

What the citizen have to know is, not all servants as bad as they think. Some servant maybe have bad attitude, they come late to office, often take day off without permit, can't finish their job on time, or the worst is they take an advantage from the institution funds. It's a hard challenge for a servant who has been working in a government just few years. Because those bad attitude seems like a system which has been started since long years ago.

But the difficult thing doesn't means impossible thing. If we do believe that Indonesia, as a developing country, some other day can become a developed country. The questions are when and how?
I can't answer those questions right now. As a young servant, i'll do everything i can do, Be a better civil servant, give an excellent services to the citizen, and upgrading my self by reading or discussing with seniors to improve related skills.

I do believe that all of those ways should be done by all the servants. Not only young servant but also older servant. They should help each other by sharing skill and knowledge. In fact, it's kind difficult to do. In a workplaces, no matter if you work in a company or a government, there is always be unhealthy competition and it's depend on ourselves, how we can survive in a society like that. Being good to other whom we work with, reading a book, or taking a training section are other way to do.

The point is, just do everything you can do right now. Being silent sometimes are better but mostly just make ourselves looking like a dumb. Follow where the water flowing so that you can shot them in appropriate time.

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