Monday, April 11, 2016

Indonesia for Cleaning Government, Is it possible?


Before you read this post, I'll warn you first that this post based on my experience. I won't talk about the theory. Let's talk about theory in class, but not in here. 

After the second president of Indonesia fall down in 1998, Indonesia citizens wish to live happily with something that we called democracy. Some of us do believe that we are free from the Suharto's tyranny. We looks alike live prosperously, but it's all fake. We have a lot of debt that we weren't think about it before. Then now, Indonesia government still dream about a clean government. 

I was graduated from college in 2010. Some of my friends were accepted as a civil servant in local or department pure by their skill. So did I, after tried twice, alhamdulillah i was accepted in local government. It means that our government 'almost' seriously want to create a clean government like we always heard in college. If that so, why i said almost? Hmm.. i will never ever said like this if i am not work inside the government. 

Creating a clean government, for me, is like we build beautiful dream when we are sleeping. It's 99,99% impossible. we have a good system, appreciate it. But the 'person' inside the system, hmm.. I'm not pretty sure. It depends on 'the man behind' it. Have you ever watched Dae Djang Geum drama? If yes, you know what i mean. There is a person or some people with the same purpose as a main player. It's good if the purpose not only give advantage only to those people but they really work for country. But how it they have bad purpose? 
And they never ever touch by independent institute or finance inspector because they have power. Not as long as they are still in first command. 

So, let's still dreaming about clean government.. It's beautiful outside but you'll never know what happened inside. Do not believe with media since they sell news to those who can pay more..

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