Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Random thing - Work


Here we go.. As my promise to write regularly on my blog.
Now lets talk about work.
I have been working for four years. 9 months i spent as an employee in a private company. It was a tough time. I feel that this job doesn't match with me, especially my academic background.
I worked as an international Sales & Marketing for Africa Area.  I was graduated as law degree, then i worked as a sales & marketing, can you imagine how far is that?
I will not describe the job description, its not about my job but i fell i'm not capable.

But i'm so grateful because i've learned many things from there.
I used to speak english since my customer cames from Africa, Singapore, and company branch from China. Yeaaah, its kind of "learning by doing". And its free.. xoxo.. u haven't hire native speaker rite?!?! :p But pardon me that my english now is not that good. It's been 3 years ago..
The second is, beside we have to communicate with customers, we have to be good in excel.
Yup..  count order, give discount,  make a plan for shipment.. all did by excel program.

I started work from Feb 2012 and in augt 2012 i tried servant test of east java province. It was my second test since 2010 and i have failed huhuuu..
Alhamdulillaaah after prepared some months to face the Day (read - test), on Sept 2012 my name mentioned in web as one of the thousand participant. Yes I passed the test. I remembered that day, i tried check on web but the server was down. Then my friend called me in the morning to give that good news. It was gonna be one of my best memories i ever had.
After struggle for about 2 years looking forward for job, and now i got one. Who doesn't want to be a civil servant??

On feb 2013, I started my new job as a servant in the Regional of Main Power, Transmigration, and Population.  Time flies that fast huh.. hehe
And now here i am, doing administration job such as writing official letter, reporting, or encoding letter from companies all over east java.  And now i feel boring. I want to compete again, in a right way i mean. My brain need to be activated again.
Basically, i love my recent job. its suitable with my education background. But yeah, its real life brai.
you will find some ppl who have more ambition than you. They want get more but in wrong way.
Yeaah like or dislike, i have to face it..
its not include when my boss give additional job. i don't know whether this situation only happen in my office or all institution in Indonesia. U will paid same as someone who only take their 5 minute sit down in office just to read a newspaper. How sadly rite. and its not fair enough. From 10 employee you will find at least 2 or 3 person like that. Trust me..
I don't mean to say bad things about my office, but its real. It's happen to me until rite now.

Not talk about ur private life in office. I learn that, since every body can talked behind u. No exception.
Trust nobody but still be nice to every one. Just don't too close with ur officemate.
hehee just suggestion from me.

Hhhh.. back again. Family is everything to me. Since i have no one to trust in office, i always tell my husband about everything. At least, it can release my stress. And don't forget to do "me time"..
It can be anything, watching Korean Drama, drawing, or reading a book.
Just do everything you like to do.
Thats why i want to compete, not with anyone. Just with my self.
I do believe that i can do more than i achieve today.

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