Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm back


Woooaa.. been so looong-looooooong time ago since my last blog.
I miss my blog so much T.T. Honestly, I really miss my time did blog like in past, but I cant do that since now I'm busy with my current job and of course double job to be a house wife :)

Yeaaah, I've already married, officially on June 9th 2012. Alhamdulillaaah, we're "SAH" now :D
Its not easy enough for me to prepare my wedding, I mean everyone who wanna get married will be at the same situation like me. But, the most difficult thing was I'm not just thought about my wedding but also my father condition. He is not well enough and Im so scared if he couldnt attending my wedding :(
Thats why I couldn't do blogging at all for some months ago. I was just thought 3 words, my father, my wedding, and my job. Woooaaa.. thought that I was gonna be crazy that time. Too much stressed X_x

But alhamdulillah, thanks God its all done :')
My wedding was not that luxurious, but we're all very happy since my family, my best friend, and two of my best friends in college attended to my wedding. They came from Jogja and Surabaya. Thank youuu Alam & Faris.. :D :D

Not everything goes smoothly but I thank to God very much. I couldn't even think to prepare all the wedding stuff without my father. But my mother and my boyfie (my husband - red) always helped to set up everything. Although I knew that it was the most difficult time for her. But my mother looked strong and so tough. She could  help to prepare the wedding while taking care of my father. 

Many thanks for my husband too.. for his loving and caring.. and for understanding me of course.. I love you my man.. :* :*

And now, after 8 months, my father still in recovery period. We were decided to change the doctor about a months before my wedding. Alhamdulillaaah.. we are in a right way insyaallah (actually we were not sure enough with his last doctor)

Get well soon Daad..
We are all love you and wishing all the best for you.. :)


  1. huwaaaa, congratulation!!!
    senengnyaaaa... smg selalu dilimpahi bahagia sepanjang masa ya?
    hope your dad will be better, very soon :)

    1. Hai.. thanks dear.. :*
      aamiin buat semua doanya yaaa.. *kisshug