Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Three Months Story


Hi All..!!

Its been loooong time no see.. And I miss my blog so much. I'm not go to any where, just right here, be a silent reader for almost 2 months. Yeah, maybe I'm not productive - I mean I write nothing on my blog, but I'm still checking it in my spare time. But I didnt have enough time to write something :(

There are so many accidents happened in this 3 months.. I'll tell you some.

From all, the accident on last January not only made me shock, but also my whole family and my boyfie family. My father got sick after visited Magelang -my boyfie's home. Tired, didnt get enough sleep, and so many thought maybe caused his diabet up and he suddenly got stroke in the morning after back to home.

We're so panic and worried at that time. Because my father refused to be taken to the hospital. He always said that he just fine and get well soon. We knew that he's not. He couldnt moved half of his left body and his mouth looked oblique. Its positively the sign of stroke.

After 3 days at home and my father condition getting worst, we called my father's friend. Alhamdulillah he helped us to persuade my father to go to the hospotal. My mother and I stayed there for about 2 weeks.  

And now, after about 3 months left. My father still learning how to walk. Altough his health not stabil yet, but his passion to get well is higher than before. We're pretty sure that insyaallah my father will get well sooner :)

Now we are trying alternative medicine since his condition healthier and if we just rely on physician treatment , its need a lot of money. I hope he will get well soon and can do all activity like before he sick. aamiin.. :')

Just my suggestion, if you have family or friend who got stroke too. Its better to take them to the hospital quickly, bcos the golden period for someone who get stroke about 6 hours. And be careful if you wanna give them drugs except the doctor's prescription. You should ask your doctor first.


  1. oh i'm sorry to hear that, Hope your father get well soon kak:)