Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Travelling to Bromo \('o')/

actually.. my house is not too far from Bromo, maybe just about 4 hours
but i havent went there yet, xoxoo
and in the last week on September, my closed family asked me to go to Bromo
There are 2 dutch (girl and boy) visited their house.
the girl is a daughter from my closed family's best friend in Holland
She came to Indonesia with her boyfriend as a backpackers

They went to Sumatra island first, and then Jakarta, Jogja, Solo, Surabaya, Malang, and last in Bali.
Because my family cannt speak in english, so they ask me as a translattor
*tuiing-tuuuiiing, jd malu ketauan bhs inggrisnya cm seadanya :'( :'(

But alhamdulillah.. Fiona and Jeroen are nice dutch
their so lovely and understand about my condition who cannt speak english well >.<

living room
dining room
bed room
its our homestay, we rent it IDR 200.000 for a nite, include hot water in bathroom, the living room, dining room, and some coffee and tea with cute glasses :)

just ignore this pict, i just wondering those 'bawang prei' kl dimasak bareng mie kuah, bisa jadi berapa mangkok yaaaa...?

Oooh myyy.. Im look bigger in that pict, but i love the scenary behind me.. sooooooo fresh, rite..?

Seperti di Gurun tapi hawanya dingin bgt :)

Unfortunately, i havent the picture of Fiona and Jeroen, coz they're too excited to go to the top of Bromo :')
Maybe i'll post after Jeroen send it to my email

sorry for blurry image quality coz i didn't bring my camdig and my handphone's battery was lowbatt
*very poor me T.T


  1. aku mauuu ke bromo juga..
    kapan2 kalo mau ke bromo boleh homestay di tempat mu juga ga ? :3

  2. i wish i can go to bromo, envy you >.<
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  3. Ayuuuk semua maen ke bromo.. seru banget lhooo travellingnya :D :D

  4. yuuuuk kapan2 maen ke bromo aja saaai :)

  5. hai sari ^^
    boleh minta cp homestay di bromo nggak? soalnya ada rencana mau kesana

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  7. Wahhh..saya juga minta cp homestay nya donkk..
    ya ya ya?

    reply to:

  8. All : aku cuma ada 1 CP, itupun kalo kalian ke bromo lewat Pasuruan bukan Probolinggo.. :)
    Telp rumah : 0343 571317
    HP : 081336828699