Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sketching again

I had few hours to repaire my blog. It’s so difficult and make headache (T.T)

I wanna have cute blog like others but it’s not as easy as I think.. huuuft.. Sorry for uncomfortable while U visited my blog a few hours ago. And this is it, after long dizzy hours (-_-‘)

But I promise to my self, that I will always learn more to make my blog cutier than right now.. :’)

Okey, now I wanna show u 2 kebaya sketches without hijab. I learn a lot how to sketch kebaya lately, and enjoy it ^^ 

Which one do u like? don’t forget to leave Ur lovely comment dear :-*


  1. actually i am a man....

    but i always look at my wife's dress...

    ehmm the upper is better i think...

  2. I like the 2nd skectch, simple look..

    by the way, how do you learn sketch ?
    I've looked your other sketches, and I think all of the sketches are great... ^^

  3. Hahaa u both choose different pict.. :)

    @Little star : I love drawing since i was child and in junior high school I did my first sketch :)

  4. thanks yaa.. sketch km jg bagus :)