Tuesday, June 14, 2011

♥ After 4 months ♥

It’s June and I’m doing nothing with my blog. Poor blog. Huuufh... I should be more fire to write something on my blog. Do You know what's my biggest weakness..? I’ll always think that I haven’t something special to share with all of you -.-“

But forget it, in fact I have a blog, I must be proud to have it, and it’s time to post something again.. \o/ hahaa lebaaaay nyaaa..

Actually I got an award from Amel but I haven’t post it yet. I promise in my next post I’ll post it dear. Any way, thanks for giving me this award, that’s my second award, big hugs for youuuu J

And now, I’ll tell about something happened in a month ago.
My boyfie gave me a surprise. He suddenly came to my house in Mojokerto. I didn’t know that he would come b’coz in that time we had a problem. We fought and then I decided to break up. We weren’t sent a text like usually and we had bad conversation if we talked by phone. For that reason, he desperately came to fix up our relationship. By d’way, we’re LDR right now, and it’s almost 4 months  we’d never meet again T.T

Of course I was very happy b’coz I can see him again and forgot all the problems that caused we fought. He just stayed for 3 days and 2 nites. My parents also glad to see him again. More over, they invited my boyfie went to Surabaya.
We went to Surabaya the day after, visited Tunjungan Plaza first and then City of Tomorrow…

On the waaaaaaay :)
That was a very great great great and wonderful day… Hope we can meet again soon ^^


  1. "Hope we can meet again soon ^^"

    ga mesti nunggu lama... ternyata sebulan kemudian dah ketmua lg... :D

  2. Hahaa doanya terkabul berarti y sayank.. Alhamdulillah...

    bawa pasukan lagi.. --"

    Sekarang doanya semoga lebaran bisa ketemu lagi.. aamiin...