Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Extra Ordinary Sunday

Last Sunday. I went to my friend’s house. We gonna spent Sunday together. Actually, not just us, but with my another friend too, but she couldn’t come at that time :(

At a half pass eleven, we went to our first destination.. cosmetics shop. I need to buy facial wash and nite cream, hehee. After that, we went to Pacet but through other way, not from my house. We're gonna took a picture and ate “Mie Ayam Timbul”. I like that chicken noodle, bcoz there are some meatballs inside.. Hmm Yummmy. And it has beautiful scenery absolutely. Accross the place, we can see rice field and Welirang mountain in Pacet.

But I forgot the way to go to that place, huhuuuw. Almost 4 years I didn’t go there and I was only there twice..huhuuuuw. But when I saw beautiful rice field with a big mountain, I knew that we’d got to that place. And voilaaaa.. we found that place. Unfortunately we couldn’t get place outside, so we had to sit inside and couldn’t see beautiful scenery out there. I want to take a picture, but it was rain, huhuuuu.. So I did’t get any pict :'(
Welirang Mountain closed by the fog

We continued our trip after the rain stopped. We planned to go to Kawasan Wisata Pacet while we ate. There are Welirang Mountain, hot tubs, and waterfall. Unfortunately again.. Rain starts to fall and we couldn't continue our trip, huhuuu..

C'mon, took d' rain coat, hurry.. :b
Then we tried through other way. Maybe there wasn’t rain, so that we could still continue our trip to Pacet. Buuuut, didn’t know why, We lost. Hahahaaa little funny actually, we lost in our small town. And when we tried to find a way back to my house, we realized that we returned to the road which we had passed. Zzzzz…
And from that road, we decided to go home because it’s getting dark. And we went home without took any pict, huhuhuuuu…
I took these pict in my friend's room

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