Wednesday, March 9, 2011

♥ Surprise Anniversary ♥

Feb 25th was my first anniv with my Boyfie. Yeeeeey… \0/
And I really happy b’coz Allah still give us a chance to make our relation more seriously than before. A year isn’t a short time for us, to know our personal and try to understand each other.

In this happiness day, my boyfie made something for me as a gift for our anniv. When I asked him, he just said that it will be unforgetable thing and he made it by himself. But I should wait for few days b’coz my boyfie sent it via Pos Indonesia #resikoLDR

But day after day, that package hadn’t come to my house yet. Aaaarrgghhhhhh….!
My boyfie said that it ought came 3 days later, but until almost 2 weeks and I haven’t receive it yet. And today, I woke up early morning like usually #heheheee and then I called the Mojokerto Post Office by phone. I told the receipt number to the post man who picked my phone and really hope that he can found my package. The post man asked me to send him message at 9 am b’coz he was very busy at that time.

But at 8 am, suddenly my dad called me from terrace and I walked out. Aaaaand… Taaadaaaa… A post man stood in front of my house with a big package ^^.
I forgot to take a pict for the package b’coz I was exited to open the box. After a few tired minutes, b’coz it’s really difficult to open the wood box and released some packs with a screwdriver, I saw The Gift

It looks like 2 people holding hands to each other and standing on the grass. Sooo sweeeeeet…
Tengkyu my hunniiiiiieee… :-*

Saayank, next time we make our dreaming house togetheer yaaa ^^

Kalo mikanya dibuka, jadinya kaya gini temaaand :))
And the additional gift is Kaskus sticker. Uugh I cant wait to stick it in my lovely lepi....